Comfortable Back Support That Feels Like a Hug

All creation is based in necessity, and the need for comfort moved Glen Buck to create the GoodBack, a new take on comfortable back support. While struggling with back pain, especially in the morning when he would wake up, Glen had to literally fling himself out of the bed due to stiffness, and he knew something had to change. Advice came from all angles – lose some weight, workout more, stretch often, etc. After trying all of the above, the pain persisted.

The only thing he hadn’t thought of was how he slept…was his bed somehow causing this, and if so, what could he do about it? Of course, after looking at various beds, his wife fell in love with one that cost $5000. So, he did what most of us would do…he bought a $250 mattress pillow topper. Unfortunately, this didn’t help either. Next was propping up his back with pillows for back support, which actually helped a little, but being someone that tended to move around at night, readjusting pillows each time proved to be tedious and wouldn’t allow him to get a continuous night’s sleep.

One morning, he realized he needed something that would not only provide comfortable back support, but move with him as he slept. So, he went into the garage, found an old memory foam topper, cut out a long thin piece, then wrapped it around his waist. Voila, the GoodBack was born. For the next year and a half, he slept with a piece of foam wrapped around this waist and tucked underneath a tight-fitting shirt. And yes, he looked absolutely ridiculous, but two things remained true: his wife loved him anyway and he slept like a baby for the first time in years.

Glen realized that the comfortable back support of the GoodBack needed to be available to those like him who struggle with pain daily, but the gates of successful inventions didn’t fly open to welcome him in. In fact, it was the opposite…he had an uphill road even getting someone to listen to him until he met Scott Bickelhaupt. Being a 25-year veteran in the physical therapy industry, he immediately saw the appeal and jumped on board. Now, both Glen and Scott strive to make people’s lives a little more comfortable every day in hopes of increasing their quality of life.

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