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Imagine having all the benefits of the tried-and-true practice of wrapping a rolled up towel around your back combined with the compression of a support belt and the comfort of a memory foam pillow. That’s exactly what you have in the GoodBack, enabling your client to maintain a healthy low back curve throughout the night regardless of how many times they reposition. The GoodBack is the perfect complement to your daily rehabilitative efforts & advice.

Let’s get back to the basics of sleep and relaxation with healthy spinal alignment throughout the night because good-back health is a lifestyle, not just something we do during working hours. Having a product that provides support where you need it when you need it could be the difference between making daily progress towards a pain-free life or not.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Affiliate sets up their account on the GoodBack website
  2. Starter pack and onboarding video is sent to Affiliate
  3. Affiliate informs/educates clients of the GoodBack Benefits
  4. Clients go online and buy product(s) using the Affiliate’s promotional code for special pricing
  5. Products are shipped at no charge directly to clients
  6. Referral fee paid out to Affiliates by end of the following month with summary statement

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